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Model T63-A-700(250-C18) Gas Turbine Engine
Model T63-A-700(250-C18) Gas Turbine Engine
Model and type
T63-A-700. Turboshaft, 2-shaft, 6-'stage axial and 1-stage centrifugal compressor, 1 combustion chamber, 2-stage gas generator turbine, 2-stage free power turbine.

1-piece steel air intake casing. hot bleed air anti-icing.

2-piece steel axial casing with 6 row of stator blades, bolted to magnesium alloy centrifugal diffuser. Pressure ratio 6.2:1. Air flow 3.0 Ib/sec/51,600 rpm.

Reverse flow combustion chamber. 1 dual fuel nozzle.

Steel casing with hollow nozzle vanes. 1st and 2nd-stage (gas generator) turbine wheels, Maximum inlet temperature 1,825 F (996C).

3rd and 4th-stage free turbine wheels integral shrouded blades, (power) attached to home gear train pinion and reduction gear  

Fixed area dual ducts, with 40o upward exhaust.
Power take-off
Offset-down reduction gearbox, ratio 0.171:1(5.83:1). Output shafts with Internal splines at front and rear, 6,000 rpm
Control system Pneumatic-mechanical. Gas generator governor. Acceleration control. Power turbine governor. Torquemeter. Constant speed.

Fuel system
1 pesco fuel pump 600psi, with integral filter. Bendix control

Ignition system
Bendix high-energy ignition. 1 igniter.

Return system, 120 psi.

Electric starter-generator.

Width and height
19.0 in and 22.5 in

Length and frontal area
40.8 in and 1.9 ft

Weight; power/weight
136 Ib; 2.33 shp/Ib

Fuel specification
JP-4 or JP-5

Fuel consumption

Oil spec; consumption
MIL-L-7808: 0.05 Ib/hr

317 shp at 35,000 power turbine rpm.

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