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            STP #60               

Purchased from Parnelli Jones in 1998

This chassis is believed to be the original Lotus 56 that was the # 60 STP turbine car that was in the 1968   Indy 500 and later was retro fitted with a 4 cam Ford engine.

Originally this car had a PT6 Pratt Whitney engine and 4 wheel drive thru a Hi Vo chain transfer case. Bruce is installing a  Allison 250-C20 engine in it's place. To make the car as true in appearence to the original body a rather unique exaust and air intake ducting system was fabricated by master metal man Don Brown. All other fabrication is being done by Bruce himself.

http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z11284/Lotus_Type%2056/default.aspx  A new link to some more Lotus history  including this particular car.


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Some new photos to show the progress that Bruce  is making on the indy car project. The plumbing  has been completed, all of the hubs/uprights as well as the differentials have been rebuilt . The plan is to continue work on the project as time permits and have a shakedown run in the early spring of 2001. After everything has been sorted out and all systems ok the car will be completely disassembled and the painting, plating and polishing will be done and then go thru final reassembly.


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The moment of truth has arrived. The wiring is completed, the driveline is filled with lube,there is oil in the tank and there is fuel in the tank. On the 17th of January 2001 the Linsmeyer turbine indy car will be hot tested.   The initial tests will be carried out with the car still on its transport cart, with the suspension locked at ride height and no wheels. It is safer and easier to check for any leaks and to locate vibrations, etc. The results of this test will determine how soon the car will put down on its' wheels and taken to a track where the brakes, steering and general feel of the car can be sorted out. This last phase will have to wait until the snow has melted.
click here to view short video of the first powered trip around the building.
New videos of the finished car under power.
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indycar0510.jpg (66280 bytes) These photos are taken as final assembly is taking place. It is now May 2001 and the project is drawing to an end. For Bruce this has been a labor of love at being able to take the time to detail the car just the way he wants it. As you can see, his eye for detail and ability to carry them out is  first class.
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completed02.jpg (39886 bytes) Tires mounted and decals applied. The project is mostly complete and ready to go to Raceway Park for some laps.
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